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Getting a Deal on Woodworking Tools

Woodworking is not a cheap hobby at all and having a fully equipped workshop is a big investment.  Tools, in particular, are not cheap and some of the bigger tools like jointers, planers and saws can run into the thousands of dollars. But getting a deal on woodworking tools is easier than you think.  You can buy some of the larger machines used which will save you thousands.  Whether woodworking is a hobby or a business the more complicated the project is the more tools you are going to want to get your hands on.  Let’s have a look at how you can pick up some great bargains on used tools.

Classified Sites

Your best source to find used woodworking equipment is to hit Craigslist but bear in mind that you may have to travel a bit to get a bargain but if you’re saving hundreds or even thousands of dollars over new then it is well worth it.  There are a couple of things to keep in mind when you’re buying things off of Craigslist.  First, always bring a friend with you, there is safety in numbers and if you do buy the equipment you’re going to need help moving it.  Get lots of pictures of the piece before you even leave home and as much info as possible.  If the seller won’t tell you then don’t bother.

Take it for a Test Drive

Like anything you buy used, you are going to want to check it out first and make sure it is in good working order.  Most machines aren’t really that complicated, the parts are generally made from sheet metal or cast iron so check for cracks or rust.  Unplug the machine and have a look at the motor even if you know little or nothing about motors just check and make sure it doesn’t have a burnt smell.  Do all of the moving parts work the way they are supposed to.  Turn the machine on and give the equipment a try and make sure that it works.  Lastly, you want to find out why they are selling and if the rest of the tools are in good working order.  You want a piece of equipment that has been cared for.

When it comes to woodworking tools always keep one ear to the ground looking for a bargain.  You can also check on some of the online forums where other woodworkers like you may have tools for sales.

The Benefits of Woodworking

Woodworking is simply the creation of objects from wood.  You can create almost anything you want using wood, from furniture to objects of art.  You can create big projects like building a log cabin or just carve wooden toys for children.  Try your hand at a number of different projects to see what type of woodworking suits you best.  It is an interesting hobby with plenty of benefits, let’s take a look at the benefits of woodworking.


Some people choose woodworking as a career path and decide to become carpenters.  The use their skills on a variety of projects, some work for themselves and others work for a contractor.  In today’s world it is a job that is constantly in demand and it can pay very well.  Self-employed carpenters have the luxury of picking their own jobs and setting their own hours.  Other carpenters work in the construction industry and work can often be seasonal,  and you’re at the mercy of your employers ability to find a project.

Woodworking as a Hobby

Woodworking is a very physical hobby and it can help you to stay in shape, there is lots of physical activity keeping you healthy.  For those that enjoy working with their hands it can help you to relax and take away the stress that comes with everyday life.  Woodworking can help keep you physically fit and that is good for your overall health.

DIY Projects

Have you ever gone to a furniture store and looked at tables or cabinets and thought the prices were incredibly high for something that was of inferior quality?  It happens to everyone when they go to look at furniture.  Quality pieces cost a small fortune, especially those that are made locally.  What if instead of paying all that money for lesser quality furniture pieces like coffee tables, end tables or patio furniture you could make these things yourself?  Furniture, particularly the well made quality pieces have an enormous markup.

You can’t try and make these pieces yourself and save the money that you would spend on high end furniture.  For simple projects like a picnic table you can buy a kit and just put everything together yourself.  As your skills improve you can graduate to bigger projects and more complicated pieces of furniture.  There is no doubt that there is a certain satisfaction in knowing that you completed a project all on your own and created a beautiful piece of furniture.

Easy Woodworking Projects for a Beginner

If you’re new to woodworking and want to try your hand at a couple of projects but you aren’t sure where to start then you’re in the right place.  These are some easy projects that will help you sharpen your skills and get you comfortable using the tools that go with woodworking.  These are easy and ideal for a beginner, let’s have a look at some easy woodworking projects for a beginner.

Candle holder

Want to make a creative candle holder? You don’t need too much stuff to craft this rustic candle holder. A pair of horseshoes and a chunk of wood are the only elements that you need. Firstly, clean up the wood and the horseshoes. Measure and mark the wood to be drilled for candle holders.

After drilling the spaces on wood, nail the horseshoes to each end. Sand the wood to smooth out rough edges and give a matte finish. Finally, add the five candles on the drilled spaces to complete the candle holder. Voila, you’ve just added a touch of country look to your home.

Wooden arrow wall art

Do you want to decorate your wall with an intriguing artwork? If yes, try wooden arrows. You need a miter saw, pencil, tape measure, right angle, craft wood (24 inches long, 1 by 4 inches thinner), safety goggles, wood stain, drill, and mending plates.

Cut the wood into half. Mark the centers horizontally as well as vertically. Now center the 45-degree angle on that mark. Cut the wood at the 45-degrees mark to make one part of the arrow. You’ll need 2 boards of 24 inches long to complete one arrow. If you want to make 3 arrows, you’ll need 6 boards of 24 inches long.

After cutting, paint the wooden arrows to your preferred color. Once the paint job is over, add mending plates to the back of the arrows to keep them together. Finally, hang them on the wall and enjoy the lovely artwork you just created.  Here is a video tutorial for you to follow.

Wooden door mat

You need a 2 by 2 mahogany or cedar wood (four feet long) to make this lovely mat. Buy at least six planks of wood for a bigger mat. Make holes in each of the planks using a drilling machine. Sand the wood to smooth out the edges. Now apply a coat of finish for a better look. Lace all the planks with a rope. Make sure to tie a knot between planks. Within no time, you’ve created a rustic wooden door mat.

Bottom line

Complicated woodworking projects warrant specialized knowledge and experience. However, there are easy projects that you can do on your own. Just stick to the above DIY projects, and you could show off your wood working skills to your friends and loved ones while adding functionality and elegance to your home.