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Finding Furniture Designs

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If you are new to woodworking then finding furniture designs that you like and your skill level can handle might be challenging.  The more you practice and hone your skill the more options are open to you.  If you head into a furniture store there are a plethora of options that you can be inspired by.  Bear in mind that you don’t have to replicate something you find in a furniture store.  When you design and make your own furniture you have the choice of wood types, size and styles.  You can customize however you want.

DIY Versus Store Bought

When it comes making your own furniture or buying it, it should be noted that you probably won’t save any money by doing it yourself. The materials and the cost of tools if you don’t have them already will cost you more than a piece of furniture.  That is not meant to discourage you in any way, handmade pieces are generally better constructed and there’s no doubt you will use better quality wood.  Handmade pieces of wood can last for decades becoming family heirlooms.  Furniture from a store is usually of Chinese manufacture and not well put together at all.

Consider Your Space

Consider your space when finding designs for furniture, you need furniture that fits with your space.  Space can be a luxury in some homes,  open space design can make a home look bigger than it is but when you try and put in a huge dining room set or cabinets you may find it overwhelming.  If you are new to wood working you may that type of furniture is beyond your skill set.  Start with a small hallway table or side table that is fairly simple construction and the materials are less expensive.

Type of Wood

The type of wood you choose will reflect your personal style.  Do you prefer dark rich woods or are you more into the blonde Scandinavian woods?  What kind of finishes do you want to use?  Brushed nickel is very much in style and it looks great with almost any style of wood.  Brass can be kind of gaudy but it can work well with lighter woods.  If you know a metal worker then wrought iron can blend well with your wood pieces.

When it comes to making furniture start with something simple and work your way up to more complicated projects.  There are plenty of design plans online with a ton of different options for finishes and different types of wood.