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Woodworking Projects for Interior Design

Woodworking project don’t have to always be building furniture there are also plenty of interior design projects that you can DIY using wood as your medium.  If you are working on a budget and want to transform your home and you have some old wood laying around then here are some woodworking projects for interior design you can start with today.

Picture Frames

Everyone has pictures laying around just waiting for a decent frame to put them in. Wooden picture frames are incredibly easy to make but if you have some special tools you can play around with the design of the frame.  It is a great way to finally get those family portraits up on the wall and store bought frames can cost a fortune.

Wooden Signs

Wooden signs with quotes or sentimental phrases can be transferred onto some distressed looking wood.  You can easily add vinyl lettering, you can even by the whole quote or picture online and then stick them to a piece of wood.  They can be hung in any room in the house and look fabulous.

Wooden Letters

This look great in a child’s room, you can spell out their name and stain the wood in a variety of colors, they can match the colors you have used to decorate the room.  They can also be made for different holidays and you can use them seasonally.

Shelving Units

Shelves are in pretty much every home and there really is no limit as to what you can put on them.  You can change the look of a room with a couple of shelves that are artfully placed.  Shelves are also super easy and dirt cheap to make yourself.  Chances are your spouse has been hounding you to put up a shelf or two.

Wooden Framed Mirrors

Just like picture frames wooden framed mirrors are easy to make.  Mirrors can help make small rooms look bigger and adds dimension to your rooms.

Wooden Boxes

These are the wooden boxes that you mount on your walls just lie a shelf.  They are an easy and cheap way to decorate and you can put almost anything inside of them.  You can cut them into a variety of shapes or sizes and add knick knacks, pictures or pretty much any decorative item that you want.

Wood has been a decorating staple for thousands of years.  It is easy and relatively cheap to add to your decor and you don’t need a lot of tools or materials to get the job done.